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WBTR Alumni

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Iris "When we first got Iris, she was quite timid and reluctant to give us much eye contact. Her housebreaking knowledge was minimal and she was a wild little thing that wanted to please and be loved, even tho’ she wasn’t sure how to go about it. We watched her settle into our home with our other rescue Boston and our blind pug. Having been a mill mama, she was eager to take care of her blind brother, laying on him if beside him wasn’t close enough, and licking his back and ears. When he passed, she became more zealous in her attentions to us, often coming into our laps as a speeding blur of black and white. Now when she is let out of her crate, she dances and jumps about making us smile and dance with her. She has added so much to our home and her snorting and ploys for attention are something we look forward to coming home to. We are so thankful for WBTR in finding us a suitable home for both of these little fur kids of ours."
Buddy "What can we say? Buddy is a real treat. He has a great soul, and he is so beautiful, cuddly and sweet. He is fitting in well in our home with his older brothers, Hef, Toby, and Taz, as well as our two young children. We thank you for fostering Buddy and taking the time to work with us on our transition to make Buddy a part of our family. He has been a blessing, and we really love him a lot. We look forward to many years of caring for and loving on our sweet Buddy." ~ Michael and Jamie
RUBY "I cannot tell you how much we are enjoying Ruby. It has been amazing how easy this transition has been, she fits right in she plays when the others play, and rests when the others rest. We are so blessed to have her. We know that if we let go things fall in our laps and Ruby is a good example of it. I thank you for taking her as a foster and helping to make this adoption possible." ~ Maya
FLASh "I am doing great with the Schaefer family. I think I am finally potty trained! The only things I chew on are my toys and occasionally my friend, Squirt, the other Boston, but I am OK with that. I sleep all night in my doggy cage, I snore so loud that I wake myself up and everybody in the house. I love to go for walks, it is a good stress reliever. Also I am the best watch dog in the house. I retire every night around 7:00 pm to cage all by myself. I will sit at attention by food bowl for hours. Thank you for taking me to your home and being my Foster Mom! I will write and send pictures from time to time. Is it time to eat?" ~ Flash (Bill Schaefer)